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A story of skin.

Stories, a method of passing on information that is as old as humanity itself. Stories have remained constant throughout the evolution of mankind. From cave paintings, to hieroglyphs all the way to blog posts like this one, the way we tell stories has evolved.

Stories are a method of self expression like no other. the creativity, emotion and essence that goes into a story is testament to the human spirit.

In my photography journey, there is a storytelling art form that i've interacted with constantly that keeps drawing me in. Tattoos are the ultimate way to tell your story. as plain for all to see as the nose on your face. Tattoos carry so much meaning. each one holds an encyclopaedia of feelings, memories, beliefs and desires. Even those 'spur of the moment' have a story that goes with them.

Each tattoo comes from a personal place in the authors mind,

These stories are funny, they're tragic, they're insightful, they're infinitely unique not for what they look like but rather for what they represent.

I got my first meaningful tattoo in 2015 after my father passed away. I decided to get some ink the day we lowered the casket into the soil. but it took almost six months to decide what it was going to be. My father was a pilot and he was a lover of music. I designed my tattoo to honour these two things about him that I held dear.

I know how meaningful my ink is to me (two more planned by the time the year is out) and some of the people that i've come across on this photo taking journey of mine are riddled with tatts. But society still looks at tattoos through a lens of distrust. Many still think that people with tattoos are shifty, or irresponsible. They ask the same questions "how are you going to feel about it when you're older?"

Tattoos have emotional, historical and cultural significance.

I want to do something about that in my own small way. So today, I'm launching a year long project to meet the tattooed denizens of this great country, I want to ask them about their stories, I want to photograph the beautiful tapestries that they've adorned themselves with. And when i'm done, I want to hang these stories up on a gallery for all to see.

Have you got a story? Would you like to be a part of this project? I would love to hear from you.

Drop me a line with some info about you and your tattoos and I'd love to get in touch.

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